What we eat for breakfast at Julia’s Delicious World?

We are very hungry in the morning but don’t like early mornings and have difficulties

to wake up, so we do all preparation the night before.

We use 3 main components:

  • Dairy: we always use yoghurt because we prefer to keep the granola crispy. We often take it from home to the office so we also have less risk of leakage during our journey to work.
  • Fresh fruit: depends on the season as we try to buy as much local fruits as possible.
  • Great Granola with superfoods

We have a box with 2 compartments. We use one for the yoghurt, the other for the fruit. Our bottle of granola is always at our desk, also for snacking during the day.

We also often make great granola muffins or semolina pudding. Easy to prepare when you have time and delicious in the morning! Curious how we make it? Check out our recipe page!