What’s your shipping policy?

We ship exclusively via DPD. We ship to your home address or to a parcel shop of your choice. For orders outside the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany please send an email to info@juliasdeliciousworld.com. Typically, orders ship within 2 business days. You will receive a track code to follow up the delivery.
We do not have a minimum order quantity, the more you order the happier you and the environment will be 🙂 

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?
 We currently accept Ideal, Mistercash/Bancontact and direct bank transfer payments on our website.

Are your products gluten-free?

Unfortunately not. Our granola is made with organic oats grown in Holland, to support local farmers and to reduce our carbo footprint and to be as ecological friendly as possible. This dedicated farmer can not guarantee the absence of cross contamination on his packaging line. In our kitchen we do not use any wheat based products, so it’s only the cross contamination from the raw material.Therefore, we cannot guarantee our granola to be wheat-free.
Are your products free from preservatives?

We do not use any preservative in our granola. Our granola is made with 100% natural ingredients. Even better, the ingredient list is easy to pronounce and understand. You might even have this stuff in your kitchen at home. We guarantee a shelf life of 6 months, but are pretty sure you can not wait for 6 months to eat the whole bottle or bag 😉
Are your products sugar-free?

Our products are not free of sugars. The products contain natural sugar from the cranberries and gojiberries, and we add a very small amount of organic palm sugar and honey, both unrefined sugars. We only use just enough to give the caramelized flavor and taste to the product. We try to stay away from health claims, but both are natural products with several health advantages.
What’s the best time of the day to eat granola?
 Most people eat the granola in the morning, but it’s also a perfect snack, or topping of a salad during lunch. So in fact, you can eat Great Granola at every moment of the day. For inspiration and recipes, check our recipe page at our website.
Is the granola really handcrafted?

Yes. The ingredients are measured, mixed and baked by hand. The granola is packaged by hand and our bottles and bags are labelled by hand. So in fact we are very handy!
Where can I buy Great Granola?

You can buy your favorite granola online in our webshop or at the stores you find on the store locator map on this website.